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To anyone that may have checked the thread from last night up to just now and didn't see any pictures, it seems that I "exceeded my bandwidth" on Photobucket so my pictures were not viewable, I apologize....I just upgraded to a Pro Account, what a crock of shit! But hey nothing's for free anymore right!

Originally Posted by Chemical View Post
Unbelievable how bad ass this car looks. I shall tip my hat.
Thank you Chemical, from your avatar, your car looks pretty sick too, my friend!

Originally Posted by JHall651 View Post
I was really excited about getting my Borla S Type Cat Backs and Hurst Short Throw this Friday but after reading and drooling over this thread for some reason I'm just not so excited anymore:( Haha. Even if I had that kind of cash to dump into mine I still don't think I would have the patients you have had. Amazing build and amazing car!!! Great Job!!!

P.S. Did you change the day time running lights bulb out to match the HID lights? If so what bulbs match the best? Thanks!
J, don't say that bro, every Camaro is a work of art & your's sound sick as well! Those aren't cheap upgrades you're doing either amigo, and you'll love the new rumble of the exhaust and the Hurst! I was lucky mine came with the Hurst ST from the dealer....When I lived back in NJ I had a 31' Fountain fishing boat that would cost $1000 to fill her up, so when I sold it when I moved to Cali, I figured I'd be saving quite a bit of money for a new toy...hence the SS...I'm sure your car will be just as hot bro! To answer your question, yes the DRL/Fogs have been upgraded to the AAC P13W Plasma lights

Thank you again!

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Somehow i told you so just doesn't do it justice, well deserved my friend ,you got one of the most intresting builds i've seen ,congrats for COTW.
Thanks Pierre, it's been a pleasure communicating, and I consider you a friend!!! Glad I could help answer your questions and your car is just as sick!! Just wait till you get your Maggie installed....Hold on my friend!

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