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IOM 2SS with IOM interior

This car was BEAUTIFUL in person. Unfortunately traffic didn't allow me to see it the mid afternoon sun, but this paint was glistening under the can lights of the showroom!
I am very happy with my decision to go with this color and interior combo! Add gfx and some black rally stripes and it's good to go!

I took pictures of the front break calipers (no weights) and the VIN (5594) but neither of them looked right.
I was going to take a pic of the price sheet but I figured my camera would break from the $14,995 markup. That's right, $53k for a 2SS.
The dealership did say that if you orderd from them it was yours for MSRP, however, if you order IOM your deposit is non refundable.
They have nearly 30 allocations! 5 orders placed plus the dealers stock so if your looking for a Camaro.......

Also, they said that CGM is now on constraint. If that was your color choice, check with your dealer to verify.

Enjoy! I sure did!

MS Wheels need to be darker.
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IOM trim sets the dash off!
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Alignment of the door panels were perfect. IOM trim looks great!
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Orange Stiching on the black leather is a very nice touch.
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Check out the halo's.
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SpeedO that goes to 180, steering wheel feels great in your hands.
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You can see the metal flake very well under the bowtie.
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UNDER CONSTRUCTION......again......
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