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Originally Posted by aquablueL99 View Post
Kronix.....Well--that might just answer my question...I need to see the cowl on that beast...I thought I saw some badging....what I saw was pretty cool, but I need some "up and close".

Anyone ever tell you you have a nice car?---Yea, well---Nice car!!!!.....
All fixed now AquaBlue, but I haven't done any badging yet, although I have them all ready to go. Just waiting a bit because the painter advised not applying anything yet until all the chemicals have time to release from the paint. It's funny because the only badge right now is the SS on the front H Grille, and I've had quite a few people ask what kind of car is that. I'm working on something else for Roger @ EmblemPros also, thanks to Bill @ CAI, he's sending me a lid for my system with all part unattached and I'll have the main deck part hydro-coated to match the other pieces. Eric @ MPD1 sent me the gasket to use with the CAI so the ram air hood will force cold air directly into the unit. And I think you were the FIRST to tell me nice car!

Originally Posted by Ekow View Post
If KITT was a Camaro, that's what it would look like.
Thank you Ekow, we joke about it at the shop all the time. It was my builder's idea to add the red scanner behind the grille, and we keep saying "Michael" when it running!

Originally Posted by GunnyG View Post
Congrats on COTW! Awesome build.
Thanks Gunny! I've followed your car as well as you sure have a mean machine!

Originally Posted by thejudgemeister View Post
Any worries about voiding your warranty while doing all of these upgrades? I've seen some of your comments on having them done by Chevrolet (or SLP?) but in the end, will Chevrolet give you any trouble over the upgrades? I thought that adding a supercharger voided the power train warranty as well.
Regarding warranty Judge, the supercharger when installed by an SLP approved installer or Chevy dealer is totally covered with a 5yr/100K Powertrain warranty, so I'm not worried about it. That was the main reason I chose to go with the SLP package. Now because of what I did with the suspension, by adding Pedders, Pfadt & BMR parts, that stuff obviously will not be covered by the factory warranty, but covered by the manufacturers warranty, and I'm much more confident in the Pedders, Pfadt & BMR parts over the stock parts they replaced. Car handles 100 times better than stock & I thought stock handled well. Hope that helps answer your question, if not hit me up or post up more questions, I'm more than happy to answer.

Originally Posted by Tx1Lt View Post
Amazing build man. If I lived in your area, I'd photo-shoot your car free. Especially with that ZL1 facia!
I've seen some of your work Tx, I wish I lived closer too!!! Thank you sir and if you ever come to Cali, please let me know!

Originally Posted by Lukeko View Post
Kronix... congrats on making COTW!! Well deserved!

Thanks SLP brother Luke!! Your build is going to be awesome as well, can't wait to see it and hear what you have to say about it!

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