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Originally Posted by S3XPanther View Post
Hey do you know the specs on that cam? I want to keep mine NA as well, but I'm torn between setups. I live in Queens so ECS was one of the shops I considered (as well as Tune Time, Cartek, Vette Doctors, etc.). I was originally going to go with the G6X3, but if this is a meaner setup I'll reconsider.
Not sure if it is a meaner setup than the G6X3, that is a pretty big cam but so is the devil cam. ECS doesn't give out the specs of the cam only thing I know is it will be on a 112LSA. I like the idle of the cam the most out of the ones I've heard and the guys at ECS are top notch.

I've seen this cam + fast intake make north of 500whp, heads/cam somewhere around ~525whp.
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