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Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
awesome car man i was thinking about the same setup, 480 whp is really good but the supercharger venom was streaming in my veins so i just ordered a maggie
Thanks! Yeah 480whp would be nice, not like I can't get into trouble with the 420 i'm already putting down. If I can throw the fast on I'll probably make close to 500whp or more, then I'll go back for heads and AAM 3.91 gears the next go around.

Your gonna love the maggie, probably make great power! What are you hoping for in power? I was originally gonna do a blower cam then a Ysi blower and go for north of 800whp but adding it all up having to beef up the rear end, driveshaft, axels for reliability just wasn't the road I was willing to travel.

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