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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
For the Valentine 1 rear view mirror, I had to send my mirror along with the V1 Concealed Display to Radar Mirror, they then actually put the concealed display inside of my rear view, and do some sort of glass treatment so that the display shows up in my mirror.
Here's the link with an example:

The actual V1 radar is then concealed inside a custom pod and that get attached to the rear deck. I have to run the cable from the mirror along the side of the inside of the roof to the pod, then the pod gets wired directly to the V1 Remote Audio Adapter, which I'm mounting under my dash. Using that is how I operate the V1, I can turn it on/off and adjust the volume.

Here's some pics of the custom enclosure they made for me. I had to remove the cover of the V1 for it to fit inside, but that's real easy, just loosen the 4 screws and it comes right off.

The cool thing obviously is that the display is actually in your mirror, so you don't have to worry about having a radar detector on your front window, so cops & potential thieves won't even know it's there.

To do this you need the V1 Radar, the V1 Concealed Display & the V1 Remote Audio Adapter. The turn around time was 1 day after the company in Texas received my mirror, it worked out good for me because the car was having the supercharger installed & by the time it was done, I had my mirror back. Once I attach the pod to the rear deck, I'll take some pictures of it and the display on the mirror, but you can get a good idea of what it looks like by the website.
so did you buy the radar and the mirror kit separate or what? Im confused..

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