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Originally Posted by DuhKoDuh View Post
so did you buy the radar and the mirror kit separate or what? Im confused..
DuhKoDuh, to do what I did, for the cheapest price you need purchase this from Valentine 1
*The V1 Radar locater with Laser Warning-$399
*Concealed Display with Band Identification-$39
-(This part goes inside your rearview mirror, I believe they use 2 way glass when they do the conversation, and you also retain all it's regular functions as well)
*VI Remote Audio adaptor-$49, I have this mounted in my center console and you can turn on/off, cycle through functions, and adjust volume with it.

Then you need to send your rearview mirror (very easy to disconnect) & the Concealed Display unit to Scott Wheeler @ They also sell complete mirror replacements. He will make the pod you see pictured for $99 and that pod holds the V1 radar unit on your roof liner. I'm sorry I haven't posted pics yet of that, but with a black roof liner it looks like it came from the factory (He can do other materials as well) You get your RV mirror back with the Concealed Display installed and and a long power wire out of the back mirror which you can seamlessly run to the radar unit. The pod also has a long power wire that goes to the V1 unit in pod and then run to power. You can mount the Remote Audio Adaptor wherever you like. I promise to post up better pics to fully understand, but check out Scott's we site it's packed with info and he has the best price around for this mod, some high end shops charger a few grand for it.
Hope that helps, if not just hit me up!

Thanks Dangeruss & Racer778!!! I appreciate it highly!

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