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My Transformer and LED light obsessed build

My car is a personal expression of myself. Growing up I loved Transformers, Tron, Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider. I also love muscle car's and Camaro's. So far I've owned about 24 cars such as a 94, 95 and 96 Impala SS all black, 87 Pontiac Trans Am GTA, 87 Iroc-z, 95 Firebird Formula, 97 Trans am, 98 Camaro Z28, Mitsu 3000 GT, Mercedes S500, 7 Ford Taurus/Sable (1 SHO) and even a Reliant K bought for $50.

This however is my last and favorite car! As soon as I saw the First Transformers movie and Bumble Bee changed to the new Camaro I was hooked! That was 2007, so I had to wait till July of 09. Yeah, I got an SS ASAP!!! Initially I wanted Red, and sometimes still do, but I love the Inferno Orange accented interior and I found one! Anybody that got an SS in July of 09 knows how hard it was. I didn't pre-order, I got one off the lot and for sticker!!! Well I did drive to Chicago to pick her up, and it helps when you pay cash$$$

I wanted this car to express my love of those iconic TV shows. It's the color of the General Lee, or close It has a Knight Rider Scanner. I also made the wheels glow like on Tron Finally being a Camaro it is a Transformer too!!! Don't get it twisted, all GM products and especially Camaro's are Autobot's!!! Ford's are Decepticons :P

Please read to the end. My skills have grown and my product is always the best I can do! Almost everything you see is different and unique to this car. I take ideas and run with them and make them awesome!!!

Thanks for viewing.

Car is a 2010 SS/RS bought new July 24, 2009 built July 2, 2009 three days before my birthday. It is Inferno Orange with special interior, stripe package and polished wheels. Paid no mark up Currently has 42k.


I have this to say to the haters before they make a negative comment.

Opinions are like A-holes, we all got em and they all stink. By exposing yours you show what you are.

We are all on here for a shared love of cars and Camaro's in particular. Let's keep things positive. Since the day in 2009 I got this car people have had negative things to say, what does that say about the self esteem and confidence of the commentor? Thank you, that is all.
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