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I am gonna use this post to try and do an as accurate weight changes as I can with each mod that has been added or what has been removed. Some things may be pointless to weigh but this is more for me to get an idea of what is going on lol.

Red= weight loss Green=Weight Gain

Starting Weight: 3749 _________Estimated Weight: ~3469 --> 3600 with full tank
Weight Loss: 280.4lbs

Exhaust: Stock:48lbs MRT v2:19lbs --> 29lbs
Wheels: Stock:124.6lbs Nurburgrings 20x10: 98lbs --> 26.6lbs
Pirellis: Stock: 136lbs General G-Max 275/40/20: 120lbs --> 16lbs
Lug Nuts: Stock: 3.14lbs Al Lug Nuts: 0.94lbs --> 2.2lbs
Engine Cover: --> 2.5lbs
Washer Bottle: 2lbs (empty) Apex Scoop and W/W Relocator (empty) 4lbs -->2lbs
Spare Tire and Kit: --> 47.1lbs
Apex Catch Can --> 2.98lbs
Valve Covers (removing felt and oil extension tube) --> 1.19lbs
Misc. Engine Stuff: --> 1.54lbs
Stock Pedals: 0.15lbs Powdercoated Billet Pedals: 0.65lbs --> 0.5lbs
Stock Rotors (front and rear) : 76.83lbs R1 slotted/drilled Rotors (front and rear): 73.76lbs --> 3.14lbs
Remove Front Dash Speaker--> 0.68lbs
Stock Headers and Cats:39lbs Ceramic Coated BBK Lts w/ HFC: 28.38 -->11.62lbs
Stock Trailing arm and outer bushings: 6.06lbs Pfadt Trailing Arms and outer bushings: 5.12lbs --> 0.94lbs
Stock Sway Bars: 11.74lbs LSR Sway Bars: 15.58lbs --> 3.84lbs
Remove Rear Seat: --> -41.93lbs
Stock bars: 41.28lbs HMR Custom Bars: 19.01lbs --> -22.2lbs
Stock Toe Rods: 4.16lbs LSR Toe Rods: 2.5lbs --> 1.66lbs
Stock Struts/Springs: 61.74lbs Megan Racing Coilovers: 43.04lbs --> 18.72lbs
Stock Battery: 45.15lbs Braille 17lb Battery: 16.85lbs --> 28.3lbs
Stock Grill with Bowtie and RS badge: 2.75lbs Heritage Grill: 2.13lbs --> 0.63lbs

SS Rear Upgrade --> ???
Stock Drivehsaft: 23.15lbs DSS 1-piece Al Driveshaft: 24.94lbs -->1.79lbs
Stock LLT Intake Manifold: LFX Intake Manifold: --> 11lbs


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