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Originally Posted by THE EVIL TW1N View Post
I saw both in person yesterday up close. The passenger side of the camaro interior is not nearly as bad as what it's made out to be and the dash buttons and stuff were Honda-esque. But I will say the dash on the driver side (speedo & tach) were HIDEOUS. They looked extremely cheap. Also, the plastic on the dash board all across was a little cheap as well, but not too bad. They should have just thrown the G8 interior in there, it was much better. I was surprised by how tiny the front windshield was and the rear visibility was quite lacking as well.
I have to agree. Also the cabin size seems a bit cramped. I am 6'4 290, and it was a bit of a squeeze...I was like "is this as far as the seat goes back ??" Also I did not like were the gauge cluster front of the shifter like that...It seems you have to look right and down..granted you will not monitor that stuff like a hawk..but still..

I think they would have been better served by using the g8 concept, and just switched it around a bit.
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