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My second LED project, Project Knight Rider!!!

So this was, and still is one of my largest undertakings. I had seen some color change fog lights and thought, "that's cool, but I can do better" In researching them I found the Knight Rider light and weatherproof RGB strips. This was before they used 5050 RGB lights in the fog's, but it's to late now... lol and I like the lights rotating around as they change. I used one controller to do both fog's and both RGB strips mounted facing rear behind both grilles. I liberally used zip ties and wrapped my work in Orange for obvious reasons. The install went great, except the pic you see with bumper off and lights on was me heading to Home Depot without a front bumper I sat in a lawn chair playing with them all night long after I finished. Oh, and I worked from 9am to 2am with breaks for food and such. And it was cold!!! Well for Vegas.

I wish this is where the story ended... But the I am on like my 5th Knight rider light and second controller. I think I've had that bumper off like 10 times!!! I can get it off and on in less than 1:20!!! lol Don't ask how I know.

Pic's show bumper off, fog's cut in half with the dremel I had to drive and get, un-wired bumper and finished wiring job, and finally the finished product. Does all colors, but sickest in red

Check out my video!!!

New HD Video!!!
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