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Yeah, but does it talk???

Living in Vegas and driving through Casino security check points with my lights on I kept hearing, "But does it talk?" I decided to make my Bumble Bee talk by installing speakers behind the grille. They are little outdoor bookshelf speakers powered by a little motorcycle amp mounted under driver side dash. It is on a switch and has a 3.5mm input for my MP3 player and it is attached to my full car stereo through the adapter I installed for the subs. It is actually my front channel for those stereo people out there I made a quick 3 minute play list of Transformer sounds and songs to play when the need arises. The unintended side effect is I can now listen to music with the doors and windows closed, like when I'm washing the car. Yes, I listen to stereo while spraying her down!!!

My girlfriend said it wasn't loud enough... So I also installed 2 marine 6X9's in the front wheel wells. Yes, I'm crazy but they work perfect. I am using the front bumper as an enclosure and they even have decent bass!!! The real limiting factor is the amp, doesn't quite have enough power. It is wired perfect with all for speakers running a 4 ohm load, the amp's max. Worked from day one, and no issues to date. You can hear them in the first video, but is better in person.

Pic of speakers in place, and not visible when bumper is re-installed. Pic's of wheel well speakers.

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