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So finally the weather was cooperating so I was able to try and fix my footwell lighting. From advice from other members I was able to find a different wire to connect my footwell lights to and right now in the day they seem to be brighter, I will have to see how bright later tonight. I connected them to the yellow wire that goes to the 4 gauge pack instead of the purple wire in the passenger side kick panel, the only down side is the lights have to be on for the footwell lights to be on but I guess in the end thats alright since I won't be able to see the footwell lights during the day anyways.

Where I originally have the lights connected to which made them dim.

Where I connected them to

How the lights look now that they are attached to the 4 gauge pack wire.

Later tonight I will go out and take pictures of the lights when it is dark, I tired to take pictures of them when they were hooked up to the passenger kick panel wire but they were so dim they didn't show up when I took a picture.

Here is a great DIY Thread for the footwell lights:

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