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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
It was the sub 3 Minutes at VIR that got my attention. But aren't there two different track lengths there depending on the corner arrangement?
Actually they have a bunch of courses. I would assume that all media type events use the same track but I could be wrong....

Track Configuration
Virginia International Raceway offers 4 configurations, of which 2 can always be run simultaneously. Facilities include two separate paddocks with timing towers, covered tech bays, classrooms, restaurant, race fuel, pro shop and restrooms with showers.
Grand East Course: 4.20 miles / 6.76 km
Grand West Course: 4.10 miles / 6.60 km
Full Course: 3.27 miles / 5.26 km
North Course: 2.25 miles / 3.62 km
South Course: 1.65 miles / 2.66 km
Patriot Course: 1.10 miles / 1.77 km
Front Straightaway: 3000 feet / 914.5 m
Back Straightaway: 4000 feet / 1219.2 m
Elevation Change: 130 feet / 40 m
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