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Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
You know, it is interesting that my '69 Z/28 showed up at the dealer without any headers in the trunk so the dealer could not install them. In fact, out of all the people I personally knew that also bought new Z/28s in '68/'69 (numbering over a dozen), none of ours had headers in the trunk. Kind of makes you go...........hmmmmm? My headers were purchased at a local speed shop and were not installed by the Chevy dealer.
If I remember you could get headers, cross ram dual quad, and a cam in the Z28 trunk. (Off road package I think) Not so sure about the cam.

The hot setup for the L78 was an L88 cam, headers, and gears. With slicks these were low 12 high 11 second cars. But that big 396 lump in front affected the dynamics in the curves.
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