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From '88 to '92 (Gen-3), Air Conditioning was NOT standard was part of PEGs 1-2-3...which could NOT be ordered with 1LE, which WAS in fact:

"G92 Performance Axle Package", (without C60 A/C [non-PEG, therefore Base Model only]) $675 including 4WDB with Special HD Front Disc Brake Package, Aluminum Driveshaft and Spare Wheel, Performance Exhaust System, Engine Oil Cooler and Special Shocks (deletes Standard Driving Lights). [THIS is the 1LE Package]

"G92 Performance Axle Package", (with C60 A/C) $465 including Performance Exhaust System, Engine Oil Cooler and 4WDB.

Page 87 of the pdf file:

All PEGs (1-2-3) included Body Side Moulding and Floor Mats, which 1LEs did not receive either (unless ordered individually, or added later).

So, in truth, the ONLY DELETE in a Gen-3 "1LE" was the Front Driving Lights...and the area they opened up made a great place to run Front Brake Cooling Ducts, when/where allowed...

What Gen-3 "1LE" cars WERE was Option-Restricted...and featured some unique-to-them components.

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