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Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing View Post
quoted from your first link, which I had already read before.

So the 1LE option became more than just a brake upgrade. And in order to keep these specially-equipped race Camaros as light as possible and out of the hands of just any buyer, Chevrolet decided to delete air conditioning and all power amenities from the 1LE-equipped Camaros. This, they thought, was surely enough to turn away all but the most devoted racers.
"Delete" is incorrect...should be RESTRICT...which was what they did through the Production run, even into Gen-4. 1LE was only offered on Base, non-powered non-a/c'd cars through at least '95. CC1 (T-Tops) and AG1 (6-way Power Seat) were NOT available as free-flow options, either.

Sorry my reference was not completely accurate.

With regard to a "bare-bones" version these days, the Team is "adamant" that "strippers" (without poles, as opposed to polls!) just won't sell in "sufficient" volume, so for us to realistically expect "something" seriously missing "basic creature comforts" (read: no a/c-pw-pdl-rke) seems remote (NO pun). And, as the Gen-4 component weight figures (above) show, there's limited weight to be truly saved...and it just might be saved in another manner...

Cheers, bmr!
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