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Haters gonna hate...

It happened at home, on a Friday before 7 pm. Obviously I was in my apartment, but I can't see my car over the railing. We did have an unlocked gate that faces a Wal-Mart parking lot and there was always trouble coming our way. I feel it was a neighbor who always parked next to me, and when I washed my car got hers got wet, but it was never clean anyway. Either way, those that don't have hate those that do and I got keyed.

I had numerous rock chips and other issues I wanted taken care of so I got the car painted. The major rock chips came from driving down a gravel road once before I got the mud flaps. I had a local "shop" do the job who was recommended by my upholsterer. They did not do a great job. Paint buildup in places, swirl marks and even some burns from poor buffing and the rear bumper itself doesn't match the rear fenders. Keep in mind I wanted factory good, and I'm a perfectionist. They did basically paint the entire rear of the car and repaired a couple dings for less than $1500, which my Apt. Complex covered $800 of because of unlocked gate and my ability to negotiate While they were at it I had them paint the lower black exhaust area. One year later and it still looks great.
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