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Originally Posted by Burlap View Post
Does the head unit play DRM (Digital Rights Management) content? DRM mp3's are most commonly downloaded from subscription based services (napster, rhapsody, etc) that expire after a period of time.

It'd be nice to load up a whole thumbstick with music legally and at a reasonable price.
Well, the answer is sort of a yes and no. MP3s themselves are not DRM'd, so you wouldn't have problems with pure MP3s. Subscription-based content is I believe WMA, which is DRM'd and will not play properly. If you have a device that plays the subscription music, these songs *may* play on the head unit. Each device is different and some allow the playing of DRM'd material over the USB port and some do not.

Sorry I couldn't be any more help. That's just the nature of DRM, always getting in the way...
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