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Originally Posted by tooslow View Post
I've searched several threads, but I cannot find which course or configuration the 1LE ran at VIR. Was it the 4.1 mile Grand West Course, which is what Car & Driver uses for its annual Lightning Lap event (which is actually the least used configuration there) or was it the 3.27 Full Course? The Boss 302's time of 3:02 was on the 4.1 mile course, so I'd really like to know which course the sub 3 minute 1LE run was made on. If it was the full course, a sub 3 run is not that impressive as many cars commonly run mid-to-low 2's on the Full Course.

The way it's being talked up, I sure hope it is the Grand West and not the Full configuration.
Yeah I'd like to know this too, I'm remaining skeptical until the car is actually seen running, I'm not gonna believe some words someone typed on the internet.... Sub three minutes could be any where from 2:59.00-2:59.99 for all we know until it is actually shown to us.
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