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Originally Posted by Kyle2k View Post
I don't want to host an image, but...I don't see how a functional vent could decrease aerodynamics escpecially in the Camaro... The reason I say this because with cowl induction alone, the lower pressure will suck air in from the the windsheild thats flowing over the car, Instead with the functional vent, the air will just flow through the front and be pushed out of the cowl, smoothly flowing over the windsheild and past the car....thats just my theory lol
The idea of a vent being "functional is that the vent plugs right into the Air intake. So the air can enter the engine without all the heat from the engine compartment. But The Cowl does the same thing. So to have em both be truly functional is a bit redundant. I was hoping the cowl hood would be for looks and the hood vent would be for air intake.
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