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Originally Posted by gtahvit View Post
The idea of a vent being "functional is that the vent plugs right into the Air intake. So the air can enter the engine without all the heat from the engine compartment. But The Cowl does the same thing. So to have em both be truly functional is a bit redundant. I was hoping the cowl hood would be for looks and the hood vent would be for air intake.
Yeah we almost left the front vent off the showcar for that very reason... it really makes no sense, but it just looked so cool it stayed on! Then the same thing with the cowl vent (I didn't even think anyone would notice it though).

Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
...Tell ya what, if camero or Fbodfather gives me the CAD files of the Camaro, I can try a simulation and see what happens. You guys use UGS at GM for that stuff don't you? If not I also have SolidEdge and SolidWorks availible (I love this school!). Now, the model would have to include the engines you use, as well as the design of the entire front end, such as headlights. In fact, just put everything you have onto a disc and send it to me. No? I promise I won't tell anyone what those features are, its just for doing a little simulation. Still no? damm, it was worth a shot!
Actually there has been pretty much that very disc sitting on my desk for the past couple weeks. You've reminded me to get it to the shredder today! Thanks!
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