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Originally Posted by Mercuryman View Post
Wow B never a dull moment, hope you figuire it out soon. Way above my head.
Nah, it's not above your head. It just got lost in the beer...

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
Loved the video. "If you have questions,..... ((long pause))... call Sebastian." LMAO
Yeah, we were giggling about that. This unit has some of the Sebastian 'upgraded' features that are supposed to be in the AMS-2000, but that is kind of a mirage controller. (No one has actually seen one)

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
Bruce, Let me know if we need to reengage some previous targets....I'm pulling for you brother.
Thanks C! I am going to give them a week to try to decode. If not, it will come back east and I will sick my guys on it. Heck, they just reverse -sniffed/engineered some military stuff in less than a week because we couldn't get the Interface Control Documents. That being said, I may ask some individuals for the overrides since they are actually documented in service bulletins.

Originally Posted by TCAT View Post
Speedster, that video was awesome hahahaha. It's amazing because that was just "cruising" for the most part, and it was still beastly as all hell. Congratulations and you must be excited to get it back. I know I would. I hope you figure out some of the small issues with the cars security lock-outs.
Thanks. At least this time my cousin turned the camera on during the granny run. Some boost is better than no boost. I just wish I had done a manual shift run from 1st gear so you could hear the rpm's scream some but wasn't thinking about that at the time.

We will sort the BCM out one way or another...but when the electricity is actually on, the SST runs very nice !
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