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Originally Posted by MCPOAJ View Post
yea i know i'm just sayin they said the word... i read it i got my butt chewed when i said that word
How did you use the word?

'cause the article made it very clear that the LS2 was the engine in the Concept...others (not sure about you) imply that the Production car gets the LS2 (<) those are the only people I see chewed out.

Originally Posted by MCPOAJ View Post
I don't think that chevrolet will let this happen the 09 Camaro is gonna be powerful they'll put the LS2 (just what i think they'll do) in the standard so i don't think that the 6 cylinder will be that bad.
Yup...unfortunately - That's gonna attract attention to any member. But it really isn't anything personally (surely you understand that). Imagine hearing LS2 this, and LS2 that for months at a time -- it gets old, and really, really, really annoying hearing that word. (Even though it's an amazing powerplant)
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