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Exclamation Camaro5 Fest Documentary by Chevy!! [Full Feature Now Posted]

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE


For the past year, Chevrolet and its advertising partners have been creating a short film about the Camaro’s enthusiast culture and heritage. They wanted to capture the essence of what the Camaro means to enthusiasts.

A man approached me at a Main Street in Motion event in Santa Clara , California last and introduced himself as Hank. He was almost a little too awake at 7:15 am and revealed that he represented Chevrolet’s marketing team. Hank said he was attending the event to take notes on peoples reactions about the new lineup of Chevy cars including the Camaro. After asking how so many Camaro owners had come out to the event together, Hank asked me (Mindz) about the forums and was very interested in our tight-knit community here. Naturally, Camaro5 Fest came up and Hank wanted to know all about it.

Fast forward to Camaro5 Fest II last April at Firebird International Raceway in Chandler, AZ. Hank’s company sent a team to rent a couple of Camaros and join the California caravan on their 13 hour trek to Arizona. Hank’s team documented their experience as well as interviewed a multitude of people at the Fest to get a sense of why the fifth gen Camaro was such a hit - and what it meant to be a Camaro enthusiast. They tapped into the culture and community behind Camaro5 to find their answers.

Stay tuned for next week, when they'll pull the curtain off the full production, scheduled to be posted on the 15th. We'll have it here, on Camaro5, for you first!


Previous preview clip....

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