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Originally Posted by BigHemiSrt View Post
Oh boy, already starting to see the "under rated" bs. Now this is going to mean the ZL1 is making 600+bhp.

(dyno's are just tools for tuning)

Very nice rides tho!! I especially like the yellow with black wheels!! Sick!!
I agree...dynos are just for tuning and it will be nice when more dyno results start comming in to see what they are saying before we can come to any sort of conclusion.

What I'm suprised to see is that TQ number being pretty much as high as the HP number. Isn't this car rated at 580/556?

Assuming this dyno is fairly accurate with its numbers and not just reading high, that would mean either the car is putting down more than expected, or that the car has a pretty low drivetrain loss...under 10% loss with that TQ number. Is that even possible?

Ford certainly seems to have underrated its GT and Boss...(unless it too has a magically low drivetrain loss percentage) so would be a nice suprise if Chevy did it here. I just wouldn't count on it lol.
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