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I love driving RWD cars in the winter, only with good tires though. Nothing beats being able to power oversteer at will! Heck I went through a couple winters in a lowered Miata here in Buffalo, and it did just fine with the right tires (snows). Snow tires will make the car safe and controllable and you'll be surprised at how fun RWD cars can be in the winter. However, you always need to consider what all that salt does to your car. If you plan on keeping it a long time, (and who doesn't?) then you really have to ask yourself if it's worth destroying the car over time by letting the salt eat away at it. Even washing it as much as you can during the winter will only help so much. It's still getting exposed to massive amounts of salt that gets into places where it may not come out with washing the car. Also if you want to do any mods to it, just remember that corroded cars are much more difficult to work on. For me, my current Camaro is parked for the winter, unless there's a day when the roads are relatively dry and free of salt, then she might get woken up.
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