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As per a conversation I had over the weekend with some salesmen at a couple of dealers, "when they're complaining about car covers, a mirror", ie; a few minor things, you know GM/Chevrolet has done a great job with the car, and as people's nature is, they're looking for something to complain about.

Over all the car is amazing. Yes, there are going to be some items which individuals may find fault with, (AND I'M NOT TRYING TO START AN ARGUMENT!) but, please, I don't want to see "__________ FAIL" thread, and this "__________ FAIL" thread.

As Scott has repeated over and over, NO CAR is perfect, and you're not going to please everyone.

Criticizing a car is welcome, as long as it doen't turn in to "nit picking".

Yes, "this" could be different, "that" could be done differently, but BIG PICTURE; THE CAR IS AWESOME. And we should not "miss the forest for the trees". Be glad the Camaro is back, be glad if you're fortunate enough to own one, and just enjoy it.

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