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Upgraded BMR suspension creaks (Install Issue?)

Edit: I am just about certain the creaks were due to the sway bars. Once I took them off the the car the creaks disappeared. Some well place lube would have cured.

Last weekend I added outer Trailing Arm Bushings to my suspension build. While doing that I found the source of the creaking sound I have been hearing. So I recorded a video:

The squeaking was there before I did the Trailing Arm outer bushings.

Any theories? The rides seems a bit stiffer after all the bushings.

Could it be they were not "timed"? (I did not do the install.)

Could it be they were not lubed?

Also after my test drive it seemed to me the suspension compliance suffered a little. I wonder about binding....

As to the outer Trailing arm bushings I did this:

1. I Loosely tightened the 4 outer through bolts on the jackstands. I needed to also unbolt the Lower Control Arm on both side and raise the trailing arm to pull out the TA bolts.

2. I put the wheels back on and drove the back end up a set of ramps.

3. Since I could not get my prehistoric torque wrench in there I pulled on an 8 inch box end pretty hard. Think I could over shoot 80 lbs? I do hit the gym on a regular basis.

4. Even if i did overshoot a little doesn't the outer link bushing design preclude binding?

Loving the handling and the overall neutral feel of the car. And no more wheelhop or step-out with the outer TA bushings.

But creaking and worring baout binding? :(

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