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Originally Posted by pistolgripcopo1 View Post
I think the underlying isshue is still the weight problem. And I havent heard very much about how to solve it, other then carbon fiber, or lighter wheels. If some creative minds can come up with a sallution for the weight problem, I think the Gen5 camaro would handel better then the mustang. With the camaro haveing an independent rear and the mustang having a solid, loosing the weight would make the comaro quicker and better handeling Imo.
Check out this build thread. Doc has his SS pretty close to Mustang GT weight.

A very informative thread and a very cool car. But Doc has invested big $$.

I can tell you this, while lighter is better, the the Camaro can be built to out handle the Mustang as you said. IRS and a very stiff chassis gives the Camaro advantage. Case in point, the very heavy ZL1 carries more speed though the corners at VIR than a Boss LS.

When I took my car to the track last year my biggest problem was me. When my instructor took my car over she was running down a base C6 Vette (looked stock, perhaps an auto) and a 2010 Roush Mustang. She was grinning the whole time and remarked the car was an aircraft carrier compared to her track Miata, but she was very impressed. Big speed, composure, and good brakes.

Now my car has more power, almost no understeer (I adjusted my rear sway bar to the max setting), and installed more bushings to get rid of wheelhop and the little bit of step out that was left. Looking forward to going back to the track.

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