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Transformation -> Bee to Beast

Well I probably should have read a few other journals to see how they organized them, but I'm going to start off with an introduction. My name is James, I'm 26, in the army, and have been in love with the Camaro since the age I discovered the meaning of "sports car". American muscle is what it's all about, and I think the bow tie is the best. That being said, this is the first Camaro I have owned. I've had my eye on the 5th Gen since I first got wind of their production. My time in the army, deployments, and other obstacles have kept me from owning my dream car up until recently.
I purchased "Bumble Beast" February 14th, 2012 and so far have done a few basic cosmetic mods which I will show. I'm very excited to bounce ideas off of everyone here and turn this Camaro into the sickest beast on the road.

Brand New Out Of The Box

First Cosmetic Mods:
Black, Carbon Fiber Pattern Vinyl

Markers Blacked

Tail Lights Blacked

So you can call me a nerd if you want, but when the Transformers movie came out, the very first one, and I saw the new 5th Gen Camaro... I freaked. I fell in love with the damn car... when I finally went to the dealer to decide which color scheme and options I wanted, I was determined to stay away from the "Transformers" edition, and get something not everyone had seen. I tried a few on for size, but when I walked past the new 2012 Transformers edition, saw the intimate details... I was hooked... and so I thought it would be a cool idea to take the language they used on the spoiler and front bumper, and put it on the sides of the car. I found a local tint place which did all my marker and light blackouts... and asked them to find a translator and spell out the word "Bumble Beast" in the heiroglyphics. Voila! here they are!! Since application, I've had multiple occasions where people will flag me down in traffic to ask me what they mean. I love 'em, and think they go great with the car.
Vinyl Decals "Bumble Beast" in Heiroglyphics

So I decided to go out and get these made, I'm a Chevy and Camaro die-hard. Would love to bring more people into the group.

-Update 04/20/2012-

So I've got my windshield decal in from Washed my car today in preparation of applying it and... rain... for the next few days. FML. Tomorrow I'm going to the local tint shop to see if they'll install it for me for cheap and talk to them about a new decal on my back windshield... Autobot Symbol with the bow-tie blended in. With any luck I'll get my 4pc million color led interior kit installed tomorrow too! Pics will be posted upon completion

-Update 04/22/2012-

I was finally able to get into my local tint shop and get the decals put on... "BUMBLE BEAST" on the windshield... and on the back, Autobot symbol with the bowtie blended in. I'm psyched, I love it, and already almost caused an accident on my way home from the stares. I decided to put the shop decals on my car as well, with how awesome the service has been. Enjoy the pics!






Transformation -> Bee to Beast
"Live Fast"


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