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Official BLACK ZL1 Photos Thread

The wait has been a long and emotional process however I now have my car, black serial number 107, automatic, polished wheels, sunroof, suede inserts, foot well and cup holder lighting kit. Today we spent quite a bit of time detailing it up and looking it over very closely and I am pleased to say that the car is even better than I would have hoped! I would not change a thing. Although we had to claybar it and detail it up after it sat built since Feb 2nd, I am pleased to say that it cleaned up really nicely. My highly experienced detailing friend that was helping me mentioned that he was suprisingly very impressed by the build quality of the car. In particular he was impressed by the leather and the overall interior design of the ZL1 and said the leather and seat quality surpasses some Mercedes, BMW, and other factory new high end cars he has worked on recently. He mentioned that it appeared GM has really stepped up their game on this car.

The car handles wonderfully! It is suprisingly smooth in the corners yet very controlled. The power is sudden and yet smooth through the auto transmission. The Manual mode with paddle shifters is quick and responsive. The car accelerates very well and the growl it lets off lets makes me feel I am behind the controls of a jet. The car has great ramp appeal, even when completely dirty at delivery it drew a lot of attention driving to fill up the gas tank. Everything from how the seats feel (by the way I would take these seats over recaro any day, these are much more comfortable seats, and no my butt is not big, I weigh 190) and the seat quality (leather and quality stitch patterns) to how the car sits in its proud stance, tells me this is my best car purchase ever! I plan on holding on to this ZL1 indefinitely. I have test driven the SS which I almost purchased and this car feels and handles like it is a completely different car. (The SS handles nicely also, but in a different league all together) Tomorrow I will have tint completed. Well done Chevy! This is my first GM car and I am very impressed! I originally worried that for the 60K price tag would it be that much better then the amazing Camaro SS ?, well I now have my answer. Yes it is.

(P.S. I could care less about fuel consumption on a car like this, but its worth mentioning that this beast loves to drink the high octane fuel, especially when it is new, oh but dont get me wrong, I am oh so glad to feed it, because what it gives me in return is an amazing ride, with throw you back in your seat power like no other in its class! And if you want the roar and power of a lion you have to feed it accordingly).
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