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Originally Posted by tooslow View Post
So, how do you account for the numbers getting better with each run if no changes were made to the car? How much time was there between each run? One would think that making back to back pulls on a supercharged car would result in degradation in the numbers due to heat soak, not better numbers with each pull.

512 to the wheels sounds about right for a car rated at 580 at the crank. Congrats!
First one was 483 then a full pull resulted in 509. Sat for about 10 mins then two more pulls at 510, and 512. Then sat for another 10 mins then pulled a 509 then a 490. The dyno room was starting to warm up. The tuner said the last run he saw the car was pulling timing.
I took the video and posted it in behalf of Alex. If you lame asses wanna question everything then you should've showed up. I'm not a expert and unless you are keep your opinions to yourself. Thank you very, I don't care if you have a good or bad day.
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