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Hey so update picked up the car today!! Man it sounds wicked and the guys down at ECS have done yet another great job. I can't say enough about the group of guys down there. Really go above and beyond for you. Thanks for the axle Matt

It was interesting driving home, car is a whole new animal now! Love how it rocks the whole car at a light.

I ended up putting down 467/457. Talking with matt my baseline was done in the winter so even though the dyno corrects it probably had something to do with my strong baseline. We will say the shorties/high flow cats probably were really somewhere around 405-410rwhp. A set of long tubes and I'll probably be up another 20whp+. I'm extremely happy looking at the graph that I lost no power down low at all and only made more over most of the rpm range! Overall car drives excellent, no surging down low was doing 65 in 6th on the highway 1500rpm!

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