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Originally Posted by Wuiquen View Post
what type of primer did you use??? I am going to do this.. I was thinking adhesion promoter. This can be done to the tail light bezels right?? I want flat black so just flat black with no clear coat tight??
I actually used the rust-o-leum gray automotive primer that is carried at wal mart, lowes, etc. Scuffing it up more would have made it stick better as well. I do recommend adhesion promoter as well, I have a kind that goes on, then you can spray primer, then the color coat.

If you want flat black, you will still want to do a clear, just a matte or satin clear. I think its Gloss, Semi-Gloss, then Satin. The point of the clear is to protect it, if you just put flat black enamel, after it dried, you could still just pick it off with your fingernail, no matter how well you prepped it.

A few coats of clear will protect it like the rest of your car, where you can wash it, wipe it, pick bugs off it, etc without worrying.

Alot of people use Plasti-Dip, to get a flat black look, although it is single stage, plasti dip is more resilient than normal spray paint, but not as tough as a black coat with a couple clear coats over it.

But satin clear is what you need, I think it looks almost the same as flat, if not just a tad bit shiny, but you could buy it, and spray a piece of wood or a bucket or something to test and make sure it gets the finish you want.

And yes, the bezels are even easier because you can take them all off the car, and they are one color, so you really dont need to mask anything off if you dont want. Just be sure to follow the can directions, dont douse it with paint and clear, keep the can moving and do light coats.

Originally Posted by nealdiwes View Post
Looks mean.
Thats what I thought! Makes the car look a little more serious than the gold/chrome ones.
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