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Arrow My #12 Neiman Marcus Edition Camaro SS [COTW 2/11/13]

This is my 2011 SS Neiman Marcus Edition. It is the 12th one built on July 5th 2011. It is 1 of 75 and 1 of 30 manual transmissions. The color is called Mystic Bronze Metallic with ghosted stripes a tad shade darker. Its a great color that changes color depending on light but it is hard to get the color to "pop" in photos. I remember when I had it on order and reading all the opions about its MSRP of $75,000. I was less than excited about that much money but I bit the bullet. I like Special Edition cars.

My car when I received it on July 11th 2011:

After about six months ( and only 200 miles ) I really started looking at it and began to think about how the car came from the factory. The interior was really good. The paint was perfect. The top color was cool but .........
I need to not change anything that made it impossible to return to stock in case it went up in value. The exhaust tone wasn't much louder than a Volt. Then I added a Borla ATAK stainless exhaust with a custom X pipe. That solved that. Then I started think how damn ugly the rear splitter came from the factory. I got the exact paint from GM and had it smoothed out and painted with the fins painted silver like the windshield frame. That solved that.

Under the car there is a plastic cover over the differential. Had to go. Had one made and painted the body color and added
the Neiman Marcus logo. There, thats cool now.

I like cars with roll bars, so it got one.

Now the rims , nice rims but it didn't really add to the car much. I'm a diehard F1 fan. F1 cars have "center lock" rims. I want "center lock" rims. I set out to find some for my car. That was a tough search. Another thing was I didnt want made in China rims either. So, I contacted Forgeline Racing and told them what I wanted. They helped me out and were so easy to work with. They don't make the wheels I finally got so they are the only ones in the World. They were very, very expensive to produce. People really havent noticed there are no lug nuts when they look at the wheels.

21" MD35 Centerlock with gold center and polished lip. 21x9 front and 21x10 rear:

I was considering Turbo's or a Supercharger. As you know there are thousands of engine performance parts so I did what I thought was
right to preserve the car in it's current condition. And then I ordered a ZL1. It was built April 17th, the 205th one made. That solved that. Member Journal for the ZL1 to come soon.
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