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Originally Posted by rmyers View Post
I own VIN - 2G1FS1EP1C9800213

In 2009, I surprised my wife with a 2012 SS/RS. I kept the secret for about 2 months and gave it to her on our 27th wedding anniversary.

This past saturday, 4/7/2012 she convinced me that we needed to go the Chevrolet dealer to look at the new Camaro and that we should maybe trade hers in. I was emphatic about telling her there were no "new" camaro's in the DFW area. The ZL1's had been delayed and were only now getting released. Thinking if a dealer did have one, surely it was allocated/sold and there was no chance I could do anything but look from the outside. But hey I was having a good day so I went along with her plan as she assured me that my son told her he saw one there. Thats when I started to get suspicious.

Upon arriving, my son is there with the sales person we normally deal with. He goes into a song and dance about how its the general managers car, and what would it take to convince him to part with it....yada yada yada....

After admiring the car a little longer, my son walks up to me and says....congratulations on your new ZL1 and hands me the keys....Apparently 8-9 months ago they conspired to surprise me with my dream car.

Btw...we still have her 2010, I let go of my 08 Z06 to make room for this beauty...

Untitled by ZOHHH6, on Flickr

Untitled by ZOHHH6, on Flickr
Gee , when you said 8/9 months i said to myself , she is pregnant .
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