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I was always on the fence about "break in" also. When i picked up my SS i decided to do the break in period. A couple guys i know did not and really got into them right away.

Nothing scientific here and certainly NOT gospel but, here are some results i will share.

Last trip out to the drag strip all 3 of us made 5+ passes.

ME A6 100% stock other than a CAI.

Other A6 (Tuned - catback - CAI - catch can )

M6. (Tuned - catback - CAI - catch can)

My only losses of the day was by .1

Now i realize you can call the M6 a wash due to many factors. But, the other A6 "should" have beaten me handily but it didn't.

I matched both these cars within one tenth.

Possibly due to recommended break in period i performed?? Maybe it is.
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