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Tint every window the same tint on this car. I had tinted my Charger windows and my back window was limo tint while my back door windows were also limo but front driver and passenger windows were of lighter tint which was a greyish color during the day but got darker at night. On the Camaro since its a two door, I will get all my windows tinted the same which is the best option because you can really tell the difference between if the tint was different on a two door car compared to a four door. Its best to have it dark enough to where not many people can see what you have inside, but cops can see you because you do have to drive around at least 3 days without rolling your windows down. But the windshield tinting is a baddddd idea ... tinting on this car may be weird period because of the huge blind spot ... idk :-/ good luck to you.
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