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So I experienced the first ride on wet / light rain yesterday. It was in the 40's, the car was in standard mode - PTM2, I was going 2000rpm in 4th gear on a smooth road and guess what: I push the accelerator (not floor it) and it starts to fishtail.....WOW!!! I can't believe the power of this beast! I then put it in PTM1: wet and it really cuts down the power - it doesn't slip anymore. Very nice job!

Also, it looks like I've been riding with the spacers on for the first 200 miles - no wonder why it was so stiff and was even completely sliding in curves on rough pavement. Now it's like butter, especially on Tour mode. I love it. Thanks to fellow members for mentioning this issue! If I didn't check it myself, I could have been going like this at least until the next oil change - if the technician would have been awake.

I also took out the exhaust fuse - it sounds AWESOME, crackles when you lift, louder when you accelerate, probably a bit more power too, just a blast! However, I don't lik the dron on the highway so I ordered an Exhaust Commander. Can't wait for it!

Hope to see impressions from other people too!
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