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Originally Posted by pensphan87 View Post
Don't care what place my car comes in your opinion. Only making 1000 makes them rare!

Not to mention how many GT 500s will be made?

Plus you could use the press releases to launch the new GM performance packages.

We all know, we can take our cars to Nicky or Hennessey and have engine upgrades done.
The issue here is the "FORD GT500" can GM make a pony car equal to it?

ANSWER: yes if they want too. . . Horsepower isn't the only question - it is a GT500

What is GMs answer?

To stay in line with current 5gen philosophy just make the 2013 ZL1 666 horsepower
And we would want to make it rare because?? Certainly in the past Z/28s have never been "rare", what would be the point for GM or consumers, a solid, stable performance platform is what the Z/28 is about, not rare, overpriced or simply a HP champ.
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