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Originally Posted by dweeler View Post
Hey vroom, looking at your planned mods, I noticed that you want to add a lot of ZL1 parts and do some work to make it look more like a ZL1 (i.e. blacking out lower lip of fascia).

I gotta ask..............why didn't you just get a ZL1???
Price tag! Lol, I could swing the payments, but it would be stretching me a little thin, Im only 23 so the insurance would probably be a nightmare on it. Plus maintenance with the weird tires and bigger brakes, etc.

I also dont need the magnetic ride suspension, electric steering, and the supercharger. I would love it, but in reality, the amount of time ill be getting to the track would be a couple days a year, not enough to need that much power. I can def live with the 400 hp, plus a few extra from the planned mods for driving around town and commuting to work.

BUT! Since my last car, I love having a great, unique, looking car. No body kit compares to the ZL1 front fascia, side skirts, and rear diffuser IMO, so thats what Im going with.

Might get a ZL1 when this ones paid off, who knows, if the car treats me right, might keep it for 10 years.
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