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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
So a Friday.
Originally Posted by PQ View Post


I say you plan it well, get there early, hang out to wait for them to get done........

11:30 because work will go a little slow.
So who says I'm having it done... maybe I'm doing it myself... or not...

Originally Posted by Lawdog1911 View Post
Ummm, Skippette, make me a sammich!!!!
Sorry man... and if you can get someone to make you a sammich I want one too... see you around for sure.

Originally Posted by alex70olds View Post
I could tell when you were checking out my shifter it had the wheels turning lol.
Originally Posted by alex70olds View Post

I was going to go later in the week, but got roped into a vendors hospitaliy stuff.

I am so happy for you Mike. Cant wait till we gat them together. Hopefully Eric will get his in time for Kemah.
I want to go on record that I checked out no ones shifter named Alex... but thanks for the ride anyway...

Vendor hospitality can be a good thing... I think I'm missing one of those early next week too.

Eric and with twin White cars on either side of your black at Kemah will be cool. We'll have to make a ZL1 parking area. There are already 3 black and mine going to be there.

Originally Posted by rjdapilmoto View Post
Dayum!! That is sweet, Mike! Happy for ya!! I can see mods in your future! LOL!
Thanks man... I'm broke now... no mods, so you if you haven't seen the link below you might want to guess way out there. Pete could go broke on this one...
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