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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
So who says I'm having it done... maybe I'm doing it myself... or not...

Thanks and UGHHHHHH..... I can't believe I keep doing that...
Sorry man... and if you can get Skipette to make you a sammich I want one too... see you around for sure.

I want to go on record that I checked out no ones shifter named Alex... but thanks for the ride anyway...

Vendor hospitality can be a good thing... I think I'm missing one of those early next week too.

Eric and with twin White cars on either side of your black at Kemah will be cool. We'll have to make a ZL1 parking area. There are already 3 black and mine going to be there.

Thanks man... I'm broke now... no mods, so you if you haven't seen the link below you might want to guess way out there. Pete could go broke on this one...
Uh err lol. Gues I should have worded , #141's shifter lmfao
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