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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Mike -

Nice surprise !! That is so awesome buddy: TwentyThreeLee !!

You deserve it Mike. You have had more 5th gen Camaros than anyone and that is a good thing
My son still has YOUR car (the Hot Wheels you signed) as the focal point of his collection.

Alright, now go pound some pavement and enjoy that sweet ride !!
Thanks Bruce... your little guy is so hope to see him again at the next fest...

Originally Posted by thesnoopster View Post
Congrats Bro!! Looking good there!!
Thanks brother Snoop...

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Well, I assume Pulley down, cam and spray?

I bet Owen is ringing his hands on this one. lol
That loser will never put his hands on another one of my cars again. I was just lucky my last one didn't blow up along with all the others from that shop.
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