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Originally Posted by StangKiller-SS View Post
What GM needs to address is the huge gap between the SS & ZL1. 1LE is just a track pack SS really, from what I read on the release info of the 1LE is that the 1LE is going to leave things to be desired compared to a Boss 302 in the performance department. Better suspension and such is great but the HP has to be better as well, maybe not 550 hp worth like the ZL1 but at least 460-500 range.
I think your assessment is pretty spot on, although I admit I'm not paying really close attention to what current Mustang #'s are. With the 1LE being the only Camaro currently made with a manual only and the heavy duty parts where they are, I believe GM is saying to the buyers half-serious about taking it to a drag or a road course... "Here is a great baseline starting point..have fun modding the crap out of it."
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