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Originally Posted by Mestizo View Post
This is a disappointment to the common man.

Now, I'm not trying to be a downer or anything. Chevy still has 2 yrs to change since nothing is final yet.

If I'm reading this right, there will be no Z/28 & SS. There will only be 1 V8, but multiple V6s. Ok, now if there is 1 V8 engine with 2 different tunes aggresive and sporty, that would be cool. I mean if the common man is forced to buy either a V6 or a 40K V8 Camaro....that kills the whole vibe.

Like I said, I'm not trying to bash Chevy, but does anyone else read that the same way? I'd say it's highly unlikely they're screwing with us on the engine thing.
I see exactly what you are saying. V6 @ 21K MSRP...high performing V6~25K??? high performace V8 ~30-35K+??? Maybe even 40K??? I for one would have a problem dishing out that kind of cash for the ONLY V8 offered being in that price range. Personally, I won't settle for something due to price. In other words, if they only make one V8 which is in the 35 to 40K price range, I won't be able to afford it. And I DON'T want to say, "yeah...I bought the new Camaro....and my musclecar has a V6....." :o Nah, I'll pass and have to try to see what's offered the next year........or something. I don't want a V6...period.

The way I initially read it was like this.
1. V6
2. V6 high performance
3. V8
4. V8 high performance

Who knows....only time will tell....
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