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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Ok, NOW it's lit up a bit. hahahaha
Now that is an inflamitory post and WILL be reported to the authorities around here...

Originally Posted by thesnoopster View Post
Thats what I'm talking about brother....let it all hang out hahaha
I was totally cool and didn't tell him, but I pooped a little too..

Originally Posted by Camaro21 View Post
Congrats Mike !! She's a Beauty for sure.. If I would have gotten one, that's exactly what mine would have looked like !!
I'm looking to trade for an Exposed CFI but it certainly wasn't a deal breaker...

Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
you are still my CGM brother from another mother!

but she looks good in white too! see you and sue soon!
CGM will always be #1 in my book... I may have left the L99 club but not the CGM one.
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