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Works for Me!!

Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
That's a shame that it rained for the prom picture shoot, your grand-daughter really would've looked awesome with her pink dress surrounded by ABM muscle, she still looks awesome though! You should be proud! Hopefully you'll get a nice day to recreate the photo shoot soon!

I think it's time to start lobbying for COTW, it's well deserved & couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Who knows, maybe a COTW for both of those beauties you have tucked away in the garage! Funny how the kids have already divvied your cars for you!!! You just tell them to work hard and they can have their own some day, and then all you guys can cruise in a family caravan!

And get to work on that 68 SS journal!
We will get a day to do a Camaro Shoot with her! That will be pretty cool. She wants her Senior pictures taken with the cars as well.
As far as the COTW, I sure do appreciate the vote of confidence and would love to have the honor, but I would never "toot my own horn" for anything... It is just not me!.. Maybe it will come, like you say, when I get both cars together--who knows??
Thanks Kronix--You are a gentleman and a scholar!!!---and BTW the owner of one of the neatest Gen5 Camaros alive!!!....Take care my friend...Kurt...
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