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A Gift from Henry Hennessy,

Originally Posted by kenkartasasmita View Post
So after Texas Wide Meet Up last week, Henry from Hennessy pm me and gave me his number he said "gimme a call". so i called him and he said,
" u know i hand made all my car, give me your address so i can ship you a gift from me to you. i promise you will love it. Just promise me you will put it up on the forum when you get it and install it on ur car"
so i gave him my address. and what's more interesting is when he said

"i will send you one last piece that i made and its never been duplicated, you will be the only one with this piece, hope you like it"

" people offered me for $1k for it. I was going sell it on ebay but knowing how it is going to school full time and trying to modify our camaros, i know sometimes we can't. "
that makes more excited and think " wow, its a concept product, that's awesome, but what is it? why dont u just tell me, i hate surprises."

let's cut all the talk and see what did he gave it to me.

this is his custom wide body camaro

and this is the gift from Henry. i dont know what do u guys call this thing but i know what it is in my language.

For Henry : Thank you very very very very much!!!! i realy dont know how should pay u back man.

now, im going its install it.

words from Henry

Originally Posted by Hennesseyrgv View Post
Your welcome Kenny,

This past weekend I had a blast in Austin meeting all the camaro5 members at the 2nd annual Texas Wide camaro meet. There I met some cool folks, but what got my attention was this so called kenkartasasmita on the forum that would do a lot for this particular meet. Once I arrive at the oasis , this young kid was taking pictures left and right, even while driving , and actually he almost got a speeding ticket for trying to get up front of all the other camaros, he passed a police officer . I just tought Kenny had a big spirit and share the same passion as I do, (my car).

I read one of his post Where he introduce him self on camaro5 and knowing how hard it's to be a full time student and wanting to modify our cars, (I know its hard)"

So driving home from Austin I decided to give him a little gift, one that was very special to me.

Hope he likes it.
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